① Immersive Wearable Device Industry Conference

The conference focuses on the wearable device industry. It brings together global leaders, experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, and investors to discuss the latest trends in technology, innovation, and business models. It not only explores the prospects and business opportunities of wearable devices in various fields such as healthcare, entertainment, sports, and more, but also injects new energy and vitality into the development of the wearable device industry.

② Esports Entertainment Events Leaders Forum

The forum serves as a gathering of global leaders in the esports entertainment industry, who come together to explore the future prospects and business opportunities of esports entertainment events in gaming, sports, entertainment, and other domains. The forum will delve into topics encompassing the organization, management, and marketing aspects of esports entertainment events. It will cover a wide range of themes, including the development of the esports events ecosystem, the exploration of cutting-edge digital esports scenes, and the intersection between esports and cloud technology.

③ Metaverse Ecosystem Content Summit

The Summit extends an invitation to developers in the metaverse industry, leaders in AI intelligence applications, and other related experts. It aims to address the existing challenges of limited content and low user engagement within metaverse communities. Participants will come together to explore innovative solutions to enrich the metaverse content ecosystem. By leveraging cutting-edge AI technologies, they will seek to enhance both the quantity and quality of metaverse content creation. The ultimate goal is to establish a diverse community platform that caters to user demands and preferences.

④ Metaverse Experience Space

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