Exhibit Profile

E-sports and Entertainment
  • Display terminal

    Mini LED/OLED Displays

  • Peripheral Accessories

    Headphones, Keyboard, Mouse, Gaming Chair, Speakers

  • Event Stage Equipment and Control System

    Stage Lighting, Special Effects Lighting, Sound Systems, Stage Management Systems, Electrical Control Systems

VR/AR/MR Industry Chain
  • Terminal Devices


  • Optical Modules

Micro Display
  • Display Packaging

  • Display Materials

  • Chip Design and Production

  • Performance Equipment

Space Scene Application
  • Business Sector

    Naked-eye 3D Advertising, Landmark Advertising, etc.

  • Cultural and Tourism Sector

    AR Light Shows, Digital Architecture, Digital Exhibition Halls, Digital Cultural and Creative Industries

  • Industrial Sector

    Digital Design, Smart Transportation, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Buildings, etc.

  • Film and Television Sector

    Virtual Production, Digital Compositing, etc.

  • Medical Sector

    Virtual Diagnosis and Treatment, Surgical Clinical Simulation, etc.

  • Education Sector

    Virtual Courses, etc.

Virtual Human/Digital Human
  • Chip

  • Sensor

  • Optical Devices

  • Modeling and Rendering

  • Application in

    Film,Tourism, Media, etc.

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